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Cuban diplomat Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios, Cuba's ambassador to Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, has displayed his manners on Twitter by responding with a tone out to a user who questioned the credibility of the figures of participation in the polls last Sunday, made public today by the Cuban Government.

To a tweet of the ambassador applauding the 90.15% participation in the constitutional referendum of last February 24, the Internet user Yordan Roque Alvarez replied that that nobody believed it and that sounded to him at 35 hours a day of Nicolás Maduro , in reference to a declaration of the chavista in which he attributed to one of his employees an extraordinary dedication to his work of 35 hours a day.

It was at this point, in which in a show of sincerity, the ambassador responded with a "yes because we wanted" that is far from the diplomatic language and shows that the chusmeria that showed the Cuban representatives at the UN 4 months ago, When they started screaming wildly in the middle of an international meeting, it was not an isolated event, but a brand of the house.

In any case, the response of the Cuban ambassador in Austria leaves a doubt in the air: did the yes vote because the majority voted yes or was it because the government wanted it?

During the constitutional referendum, numerous irregularities have been denounced that, in the opinion of the opposition Rosa María Payá, discredit the legitimacy of a referendum that began with a voter registry of almost 8.7 million voters and ended up registering the votes of 9.2 million.

Cuban nurse Jaquelin Jimenez, who decided to stay in Ecuador at the end of the medical mission in which he collaborated, reported that appeared on the list of voters this Sunday in the constituency to which he belonged in Cuba, although she is prohibited from stepping on the Island in 8 years. When his daughter protested, at the polling station they recommended that she "not take a fight".

During the election process have also transpired images of a member of a table introducing 30 ballots in the polls as well as testimonies of people who attended the vote count and the data on Sunday was far from that displayed on Monday at the polling stations.

We must add the allegations of the arbitrary detention of activists who were forbidden to arrive at the polling stations on Sunday or who received notifications warning them that they were deprived of the right to vote.

The biggest repression was carried out by the activists of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Unpacu), who have given part of 80 arbitrary arrests.

The tweet of the Cuban ambassador in Austria sounds like confession.

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