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  • 03 / 04 / 2019

The star of baseball on the island, Rey Vicente Anglada, put conditions to re-direct the national team and said he would like the players who live and work abroad could play for Cuba.

In an interview for the official Cubadebate, Anglada said he would vote "with both hands" for a measure of that kind.

"I have had the opportunity to see and talk with many Cubans who live and play in other latitudes and all are willing to play for their land as all the players in other countries do, why are not the Cubans going to do it?" .

"Those guys at a certain moment decided not to be here and they went behind a dream, but they are Cuban and they have never given up theirs or their flag, the mentality has to change, reason is imposed," he said.

After rumors that he would be called to lead the Cuba team, Anglada left the doors open but clarified certain points that would have to let him comply.

"Up until now, I think people are speculating, nobody from the National Commission has told me anything, I can not tell you, but if it's true that people are telling me on the street, I do not know how they know, with me nobody has spoken, until this minute there is nothing official about that, "he said.

However, he assured that although "leading a national team is a headache, a challenge, and a great responsibility", if the case arises, "I would think that they are recognizing my work and of course I would accept it".

His conditions would be to direct Industriales as well and let him choose his technical team.

"If I lead the Cuban team, the first condition I have is that I also have to direct the Industriales because that the fans of the capital would not forgive me, I can not do that to them, they have given me a tremendous affection and they have treated me very Well, directing the national team and not directing Industriales, that's not it. "

"Another thing I think is very important is to have the freedom to choose my technical group, the director must choose the people he thinks can solve that situation, as well as having a very important vote in the selection of his players. conditions to lead the national team, but as I understand it, they want to appoint a director who is not directing in the national championship, "he explained.

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