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Cuban nurse Jaquelin Jimenez, who decided to stay in Ecuador after finishing the medical mission in which he collaborated, reported that he appeared on the list of voters this Sunday in the constituency to which he belonged in Cuba.


"Let no one tell me that it is not true, nor have I been orchestrated, I am the evidence in person." On Sunday around 5:00 p.m., my daughter went to exercise her right to vote in an electoral college in the monument area of ​​the municipality of Trinidad, province Sancti Spíritus, was very surprised to see my name on the list ALREADY SIGNED, "Jaquelin wrote in the Facebook group #NoSomosDesertores #SomosCubanosLibres.


However, when the daughter went to complain about the event, they said between smiles: "Do not take fight".


Jaquelin's insult is double: for the fact of usurping his right to vote and because the Cuban government has denied him entry to the country, like hundreds of health professionals.


"I, who at the airport in Havana was denied entry to the country, because despite having all the documentation for having completed the mission in Ecuador, I am considered a deserter for not returning with the rest of the medical brigade", he claimed.


This Sunday the voting took place throughout Cuba, for the approval of the Magna Carta that will govern the country from now on. As a result, the National Electoral Commission reported that it had won the YES with 86.85% of the votes. Thus, 9% voted NO and the remaining 4.1% voted blank (198,674) or null (127,100).


Despite these results, no one doubts the lack of transparency of these votes disguised as democracy. Like Jaquelin, there were several cases of fraud at the polls.


On the one hand, a Cuban was caught at the time he deposited in a ballot 30 ballots of the Constitutional referendum to which he himself marked the Yes.


Also, in the middle of the Constitutional Referendum, a young Cuban boy posted a video denouncing the fraud: he said that the vote was not secret and there was a police presence in the polling stations. "Everything was very open," he explained. "They were watching what they were voting, everyone was watching."

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