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Export of 523 tons of charcoal to different nations during the first six months of 2017 shows stability in this work carried out by workers of the Villa Clara Forest Company in the last 15 years.
Estela Fernandez, commercial specialist of the entity, told ACN that this amount comes from the five centers located in the municipalities of Santo Domingo, Corralillo, Caibarien, Cifuentes and Quemado de Güines, with highlight for the first of them.
Marabou is the main raw material in this work, its cutting is contemplated in the program established in Cuba for the sanitation of the fields and the expansion of agricultural programs in the country, she said.
Meria Morejon, director of the Santo Domingo Unit, told ACN that quality specialists maintain strict control over charcoal production to ensure exportable qualities.
Data obtained in the forestry entity report that this work began in Villa Clara in 2002, when about 60 tons were traded, amount that has gradually been increased.
Among others, the actions that favor the increase of this production include payment ways adjusted to the final results of the work, improvement of working conditions, adequate food, in addition to the supply of clothes and means of security, Morejon added.
Villa Clara is distinguished by a high productive efficiency, reporting 75 kilograms of charcoal for each cubic meter of wood, above the national average. (acn)

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