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Text of the Declaration in Solidarity with Cuba made public on Monday in Budapest by the World Federation of Democratic Youths (FMJD) based in Hungry. 
The text was send to the over 160 member organizations, friends and collaborators –some regional and international, like the Continental Latin American and Caribbean Students Organization (OCLAE) - and shared by the FMJD in its Facebook page.
On June 16th, 2017, US President Donald Trump announced his government´s policy towards Cuba in a public activity where he demonstrated total ignorance of the history and reality of the Cuban people.  His decision was endorsed by signing a policy directive called “Presidential Memorandum of National Security on the Strengthening of the US Policy towards Cuba” with the objective of reinforcing the aggressions against the Cuban Revolution.

The US Head of State justified his decision with alleged concerns on the human rights situation in Cuba and the need to rigorously apply the laws of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Cuban people for over half a century and which is condemned by the international community and US citizens.  In an arrogant manner, Trump demands internal changes in Cuba as a condition for the lifting of the blockade and improvement of relations between both nations.
The FMJD has always supported the position of the Cuban Revolution that the blockade, as a unilateral policy of the United States imposed since 1962, must be unilaterally lifted immediately and without demanding any conditions to the Cuban people.  The genocidal policy constitutes a flagrant and permanent violation of human rights starting from its main objective, which is to deprive the Cuban people to the necessary resources for its development as a sovereign and independent State while the extraterritorial application of the blockade goes against the development of other countries.
Despite the limitations on Cuba that has inflicted the economic war, the Cuban Revolution isolated from imperialist recipes has achieved for the Cuban people to enjoy the fundamental rights and freedoms for the full development of its population, without any type of distinction or discrimination. In addition to its internationalist practice, Cuba has contributed to the development of human rights in many countries in the world.
However, US society has systematically violated the fundamental human rights and has imposed frequent violations in other countries.  Its imperialist world policy has demonstrated its negative commitment regarding world peace and indispensable rights for human survival.
The Cuban Revolution is a reference for progressive and left youths in the world.  It shows us justice and strength of its victorious socialist project and its commitment of never given in before any type of aggressions for almost 60 years imposed by the main world imperialist power.
The FMJD once again condemns a new US government attempt to intervene in Cuba’s independence.  We support the legitimate right of the Cuban people to its self-determination as an independent and sovereign nation and demand respect to its decisions and right to decide its own future.
Long Live the Cuban Revolution!
Federation of World Democratic Youths
June of 2017

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