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A Russian state-owned company will be in charge of restoring the dome of the Capitol of Havana. Goszagransobstvennost is the name of the management company of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has already called a public tender for projects to undertake the restoration of the gold cape of the dome of the Capitol of Havana.
According to the announcement, the limit of the project that finally wins will be limited to 20 million rubles, which is equivalent to about $ 354,000.
Media reports say that in May 2016, Valentina Matviénko, president of the Russian Senate, said that Russian specialists would offer their help in restoring the Capitol of Havana, where the seat of the National Assembly of Cuba currently resides.
The aid would have been requested by Cuban parliamentarians, and the draft intergovernmental agreement would be in the process of being prepared.
The works will be financed with the federal budget of Russia. The winner will be made public at the beginning of next June. 

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