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Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM by its Spanish acronym), one of the main destinations in Cuba for the attraction of foreign capital became focus of attention in the 34th International Fair of Havana (FIHAV 2016 by its Spanish acronym) when announcing its 11 new users.
Now there are 19 companies that, under different modalities of foreign investment, will operate in this enclave, located 45 kilometers from Havana and called to become the Logistical hub in the Americas.
Those attending the third day of FIHAV knew that the new companies approved to settle down at ZEDM cover strategic areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, advanced technology, construction and engineering, as well as banking and logistics.
The previous year, in a similar context, it was announced that the first eight investors covered the sectors of food, high technology, paint and cigarette manufacturing, among others of vital importance to the national economy.
Negotiations and meetings between foreign and Cuban companies continued in the framework of FIHAV 2016, and the signing of the first memorandum of understanding in the port sector between Germany and the Caribbean island took place also this day.
The legal instrument was signed by officials from both nations, and it aims to trace the patterns of future business related to cruises.
It was significant also the signing of a cooperation agreement between Cuba and Venezuela to diversify and boost economic ties with non-oil sectors, a step that takes the Caribbean nation closer to establish partnerships with companies and industries of all areas from the South American country on mutually favorable basis.
The objective is to promote exports and strengthen the current exchange with the proposal of more than 400 products of potential importance in the Cuban market.
Meanwhile, the inauguration of pavilions of several of the countries attending FIHAV 2016, the most attended edition in recent years with the presence of 73 nations, also continued today.
Brazil was one of the countries which celebrated the opening of its pavilion, where the trade between the South American nation and Cuba was highlighted, with a volume that exceeded 650 million dollars in the last seven years.
45 companies from seven Brazilian states represented by more than a hundred executives, part of them with a habitual presence in the important event, and ratified between the main suppliers of food and agricultural equipment to Cuba, participate in this commercial meeting.
It was also opened the stand of the European Union, another important Cuban trading partner, with presence in the sectors of electricity generation, hydraulic development, medical equipment, food and agriculture.
Among EU members, Spain, Holland and Germany stand out among the main destinations of Cuban exports, while the main suppliers of the Caribbean nation are Spain, Italy, Germany and France. (acn)

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