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For 40 years, Aida Dominguez has waited for the full weight of law to fall over those who cut short, in mid air, the lives of all 73 people, including that of her son, a flight attendant of the CU–455 flight that covered the Barbados- Cuba itinerary on October 6, 1976.
Young Eusebio Sanchez, who would turn 25 the following day, had planned to come to Cienfuegos to celebrate his birthday with his parents and sisters.
One day before, however, he was blown to pieces in one of the most horrible terrorist attacks in the history of aviation, in which the members of the Cuban fencing team, winner of a gold medal winner in a Central-American championship, also died.
In countless interviews with this noble Cuban, the immense pain for the irreparable loss of her son is evident.
Four decades of the horrible crime have passed but the confessed assassins and terrorists, among them Luis Posada Carriles, have never been reached by justice. (acn)

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