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Havana Club seven years, known for placing Cuban rum as a leader in the super premium category worldwide, is ready to be marketed in the domestic and international market with a new image.
At a press conference, Jérome Cottin-Bizonne, director of Havana Club International S.A. (HCI), stressed that the design change intends to attract consumers of high quality drinks through a presentation that reflects the history of the most legendary product of the company.
The renewed bottle evokes the shape of the container used in the early twentieth century, when it began production of dark rums in this archipelago, though, assured Cottin-Bizonne, it maintains the same amount of liquid and the sale will continue at usual price.
Jose Navarro, First Maestro of Cuban rum and creator of Havana Club seven years, recalled the origins of this spirit drink -in February 1978- obtained from bases aged for more than four decades, and initiator of the tradition of "continuous aging".
Named Foundational Rum, that mix, the most complex and difficult, allowed the creation of superior rums in Cuba and worldwide, known as extra-aged, he added.
There is no rum better expressing the Cuban cultural mix and flavor than Havana Club seven years, Navarro stated.
Mirelis Acosta Lopez, HCI head of Marketing and Sales, said the new design includes the presence of a handmade label, which highlights the nature of the product with colors that reflect Cuban culture.
In addition, messages characterizing the drink and referring to its history, with the image of its creator, Maestro Jose Navarro, are incorporated to the bottle.
According to Cottin-Bizonne, the company is prepared to face the opening of new markets, including the US, where it still can´t be sold because of the limitations of economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.
Havana Club is present in more than 120 countries, is the third international rum brand worldwide, outside the US.
Created in 1993 from the union between the Cuba Ron Corporation and the French group Pernod Ricard, HCI currently reinforces its iconic collection composed of Havana Club Masters Selection, Aged 15 years, Union and Maximo, all prestigious rums designed for luxury segments. (acn)

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