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US digital platform Thrillist, known for its attractive content about lifestyle, fashion, food and news, recently published a list of the best restaurants and paladares in Havana.

According to the platform there are two types of restaurants in Cuba: "those that pretty much only serve monumental piles of meat/rice/beans, and those that... um, don’t."

In the list are some of the most emblematic paladares as "La Guarida " which has become a must reference in Cuban cuisine after receiving visits from Natalie Portman, Beyonce and Jay Z, Conan O'Brien and Usher, among many other celebrities.


  1. El Cocinero (Vedado)
  2. Los Naranjos (Vedado)
  3. Doña Eutimia (Habana Vieja)
  4. Corte del Príncipe (Miramar)
  5. La Chuchería (Miramar)
  6. Tien Tan (Barrio Chino)
  7. Santy Pescador (Alameda de Siboney)
  8. Le Chansonier (Vedado)
  9. La Barraca (Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Vedado)
  10. Atelier (Vedado)
  11. San Cristóbal (Centro Habana)
  12. La Guarida (Centro Habana)
  13. Café del Oriente (Miramar)


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