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Cuba will close 2015 with record arrivals of foreign visitors, which until November 30 were more than 3.1 million, while it is consolidating as a destination for cruise ships, with more than 20,000 passengers this year.
Behind Canada, Germany, France, UK and Italy are positioned as major emitters, while "significant increases" are recorded in arrivals from countries like Japan, Haiti, Costa Rica, Ireland and Poland, according to the NSO.
Cuba passed the barrier of three million foreign tourists in 2014, when tourism contributed 2,700 million to the country's finances.
The tourist boom coincides with the new stage of normalization of relations between the US and Cuba after half a century of enmity.
From January 1st 2015 until mid-December came to Cuba 147,401 American visitors, 62,807 more than last year, and experts predict that the flow will double from the easing of travel restrictions to the island in force in the United States.


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