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Fortunately for baseball, Major League Baseball has been taken as a priority to normal the hiring of Cuban baseball players in Cuba, who are forced to move to a third country to aspire to join the ranks of MLB teams. The problem is that to do so many have to leave the island illegally by sea, under high risk to their lives.
Taking advantage of the current climate of rapprochement between the governments of Washington and Havana, as well as the successful visit by his players and officials last week to Cuba, the majors have called for a special permit to the White House to hire players and avoid these cumbersome routes.
The request is based on the fact that the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States (OFAC) has the authority to make exemptions under certain circumstances, and baseball could be one of them.
"There good will of our government to stop the trafficking of players. The White House has been very sympathetic in helping to end some abusive practices," said Dan Halem, head of the legal office of the MLB.


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