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Fidel Castro’s younger son, Antonio, better known as Tony Castro is one of the persons who has done most to restore ties that should never be broken between the Cuban Baseball and the MLB.
"We're conscious of what baseball means. And what we've experienced these last couple of days is very exciting," said Tony.
As vice president of the Cuban baseball federation and a former top official of the International Baseball Federation, Tony Castro has long been a quiet voice for change in the game, using baseball as a tool to heal more than five decades of antagonism and mistrust between Cuba and the United States.
“The past is the past. We need to move forward and baseball help us to do that”, highlighted Castro.
To the question of what are the chances of a unified Cuban Baseball team for the next World Baseball Classic in 2017, Tony Castro answered: This is like a baby, new born now, then he starts to walk, then starts to run. We start to move now, we´ll see in the future.


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