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The government of Costa Rica announced last December 18 that no more temporary visas will be granted to Cubans who enter its territory and those who do will be deported to Cuba.
Kathya Rodriguez, Director of Immigration in this country reported at a press conference in the presence of Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, president of Costa Rica and Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez, that the measure became effective on the same day of the announcement.
In recent days Solis Rivera had reiterated his annoyance at the null support provided by the Central American nations in finding a solution to the crisis of Cuban migrants in the territory. Finally this country left the Central American Integration System, claiming the null solidarity of the countries of the region, since Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua did not allow the passage of Cubans.
The migration crisis of Cubans stranded in Costa Rica already has five weeks of development. The result is that over 6,000 Cuban migrants are in an irregular situation.


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