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"Papa," Hollywood's first film shot in Cuba in 60 years, was released last Saturday in Havana's Yara cinema as part of the surprises of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema.
The film tells the last stage of the life of Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Finca Vigia, on the outskirts of Havana, before finally leaving for the US, where he commits suicide.
Hemingway is represented by Adrian Sparks, veteran actor of theater, film and television; Joely Richardoson, popular for his role in Nip/Tuck series plays his wife Mary. Both artists were present at the premiere in Havana.
"The film reveals something unknown to many people in the United States, which is the deep connection of my grandfather with Cuba. This island was a home for him for over 30 years and he considered the Cuban as family, “said his granddaughter Mariel Hemingway yesterday at a press conference in Havana.


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