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In a speech well distanced from the universal claim of eliminating the criminal siege and alien to the principles of international law and reality, the US representative recalled the aspiration of his government in this regard, following the agreements reached with Havana in 2014 and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations on July 20.
His words were aimed at highlighting the spirit and commitment of President Barack Obama of asking Congress to lift the embargo without remembering the prerogatives that the president can make use of, because he has simply resorted to measures that have become mere palliatives, since the blockade continues in full application, as Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno warned minutes before.
He acknowledged that the normalization of relations will take years, given its complexity, but regretted that despite the steps taken by Obama in favor of the Cuban people, the island presents this time a resolution that is identical to that of previous years, he stated, in clear ignorance of the just claim of Cuba and the new international context arising after December 17, 2014.



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