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The famous American singer Katy Perry posted a series of pictures on her Instagram and Twitter accounts of her most recent trip to Cuba. It seems that Perry took a break from her Prismatic World Tour to stop into Havana and visit with the children's theater group, La Colmenita (The Beehive), as well as stop by Havana's National Arts School.
The caption on the first photo captures it all: "#TBT CUBA! About last week on #theprismaticworldtoursouthamerica I had the most exotic pleasure of experiencing the colors of Cuba with some my best friends! Let me tell you...After seeing most of the world this is one of the COOLEST vibes alive. If you like taking pictures, everything there will fit in a frame. The art, the music, the people... It's a Disneyland for creative minds. These next several posts are some of the highlights of my trip. I saw the colors in Cuba. I'll never be the same!"


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