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Omran al-Zoabi, Syria´s Information minister, categorically denied any presence of Cuban or North Korean troops in his country and said that with Russia is more than enough to fight terrorism.
In statements to the local Ikhbariya TV channel on Tuesday, al-Zoabi said that Russia and Iran are sharing the same positions with Syria in relation to the fighting against armed extremist gangs.
Referring to the reason for Russia´s presence in Syria, the official said that the current war has global character and terrorism is a cross-border threat endangering regional and international security.
Washington´s attitude is quite different from that of Russia as the US insist in defending an alleged moderate opposition trained by them to finally become a voluntary allied of the terrorist group known as al-Nusra Front, the armed wing of al-Qaeda in Syria, said the minister.
In a recent official statement, the Cuban Foreign Ministry denied any presence of Cuban troops in Syria by terming some media speculation on the issue as irresponsible and false reports.



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