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Republican Asa Hutchinson, governor of Arkansas, stated on Wednesday in this capital that his State wishes to become one of the main US states that will be at the forefront of commercial exchanges with Cuba.
 Before concluding his official visit to the island, Hutchinson shared a few minutes of his time with the press, to which he asserted his trip will mark the beginning of strong ties between the Southern state and the Caribbean country.
 He explained that since his arrival in Havana on September 27, he and his accompanying delegation held talks with government officials and of the island’s Chamber of Commerce; also, they visited the Special Development Zone of Mariel and participated in a business forum, in which the parties explored business opportunities in the agricultural sector.   
 They also spoke with professors and students of the University of Havana, and played a basketball game with the Capitalinos team; actions that allowed them to know more about the competitiveness and culture of the Cuban people, and of the love those born in Cuba feel for life, pointed out the Governor.
 Food exports from Arkansas to Cuba reach a value of 35 million dollars, sales made to the island under strict conditions that force to pay in cash and in advance, a measure that makes exchanges more difficult.


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