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Luis Flores and Luis Mazorra are two Cuban entrepreneurs, based in Spain. Back in November 2014, they decided to re-vamp and old news aggregate site called CiberCuba. The site, which is owned in its entirety by the two entrepreneurs, was originally set up as a news portal that aggregated content from various relevant sources. Their plan was to give it a facelift, and add a social media focus to the content. They never imagined the success that their new strategy would bring.

By keeping up with trending topics, and creating more and more original content, the small team has been able to grow the website to a point where it has more than 100,000 registered users, receives over 2 million visits per month, and over 4 million page views. That makes it one of the most visited Spanish language sites for Cuban content outside of Cuba. And it’s growing all the time.

From the start, has been self-funded. Advertising revenues from Adsense and Affiliate have been enough to covered staff and operating expenses. As the revenues have increased, it has been possible to grow the staff levels from 3 to more than 12 today (including both permanent and freelance staff).

“The future is incredibly exciting,” says Luis Flores, “the potential is just incredible, especially when you take into account the current developments in Cuba itself. Soon, we anticipate that millions more Cubans will have access to regular broadband services. Already today, in spite of the challenges with connectivity and Internet access on the island, we are the 36th most visited site in Cuba. (Source: Alexa, Sept 2015). We also see a lot of traffic from the USA, Spain, Italy and Mexico, and a steady growth in our users worldwide.”

“Our video content is very popular, especially with mobile and tablet users,” says Luis Mazorra, “We realised that it was a big driver of traffic, and have been investing in that, creating a sister site to the main portal called, that creates several videos a day on relevant topics. We are also expanding our focus to include content with a broader appeal. Going forward we plan to expand these activities further, and increase our traffic by at least a factor of 20 over the next two years.”

“We are certainly open to exploring options for third-party collaborations that would allow us to accelerate our growth plans, and bring new capabilities into the CiberCuba team,” says Flores, “but however we do it, we are very excited about our growth, and very confident in the future. Our ambition is to be the #1 online news source for Cuban users, both in Cuba and all over the world, and we are sure that we will get there.”

About Luis Flores 
Originally from Havana, Luis emigrated to Spain 9 years ago where he founded VirtualScape SL, a company operating a variety of web services, aimed mainly at the Cuban market. In 2014 he founded Voxomics LLC, together with Luis Mazorra which operates, and other content portals on Cuba. 
Email: leflores(at)cibercuba(dot)com

About Luis Mazorra 
Born in Havana in 1988, he has been living in Spain for the last 5 years. He is an entrepreneur, web developer, an Online Marketing Specialist, and the co-founder of Voxomics LLC. 
Email: l(dot)mazorra(at)cibercuba(dot)com

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