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Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela announced last Monday in Havana, on the occasion of the official to Cuba that Panama "decrees include the Republic of Cuba within countries requiring stamped visa by the consul to enter the national territory," signed the executive decree 509 published by the newspaper Gaceta Oficial, initialed by Varela himself, the director of the National Migration Service of Panama, Javier Carrillo, and Cuban director of Information, Immigration and Nationality, Colonel Mario Mendez Mayedo.
This change represents a gesture in the rapprochement of the two countries, since Cuba was included on the list of restricted visa countries in Panama, along with India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and other nations of Africa.
The new visa allows multiple entries and exits for a maximum of three years and will cost $50. Its delivery will be held by immigration officials of the Panamanian consulate (belonging to the National Immigration Service and the National Security Council) to discuss migration requirements and safety record of each applicant.


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