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  • Submitted by: Juana
  • 09 / 08 / 2015

The English language will be a major requirement for Cuban university graduates in the near future, said Higher Education Minister Rodolfo Alarcon in a recent news conference.  
Although the new measure will not be applied in the current or next school years, it will be implemented as conditions to achieve such a goal be created in all provinces, said the minister. 
He added that although the students pass all other exams relevant to their curricula, they will not be granted a university title if they do not prove their mastery of the English language. 
The minister referred to the lack of English teachers by saying that it is not to be solved by the higher education system and he noted that such a problem cannot continue to affect the professional work of university graduates who, at times, cannot even maintain the simplest dialog in a universal language for the academic world.


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