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The Government of Panama is considering speeding up the visa for the citizens of Cuba and Dominican Republic today confirmed the country's president, Juan Carlos Varela.
"We are talking right now with Cuba and Dominican Republic" to ease visa, the president said Tuesday at the opening of the annual meeting of the Airports Council International in the city of Veracruz, about 7 kilometers west of the
Panamanian capital.
The intent of Varela is "speedy, agile and affordable costs" visas and switch restricted to a stamped visa, that instead it is the Security Council of Panama which authorizes the approval of visas,  Panamanian consul in Cuba or Dominican Republic authorizes it "in a few hours at a very low cost."
To achieve this purpose, "the presence of our consulates will strengthen in these countries and delegates of Immigration and Security Council shall be sent," said the president.
The Panamanian president also confirmed today that he will travel to Cuba on September
9 and he will hold a bilateral meeting with President Raul Castro.


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