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The US exempted dozens of foreign companies and individuals appearing on its sanctions list for having economic and financial relations with Cuba.  
The US State Department Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) published the list of countries exempted on its website, which includes entities from Germany, Cyprus, Kuwait, Ecuador, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.  
Some companies on the list of sanctions were Nicaragua´s Aerotaxi Ejectivo S.A.; Burgan International, from Kuwait; Cyprus´Senanque Shipping Co; as well as International Petroleum, S.A and Commercial Muralla and Deprosa S.A., from Panama.  
Also on the list of exempted entities are Fenix International of Venezuela and Gemex Aussenhandels GMBH, from Germany, among others, along with a group of individuals most of them based in Panama, according to the webpage.


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