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The Catholic Church of Cuba feels "happy" with the rapprochement with the US and wants to collaborate so that both peoples can engage in the fullest possible way, while immersed in preparations for the visit of Pope Francis, starting right in one month.
"The Church is truly very happy whenever two divided peoples to join," the auxiliary bishop of Havana, Juan de Dios Hernández, member of the committee preparing the Pope´ visit to take place from 19 to 22 September, said in an interview with Efe.
For the Cuban bishop, "whenever there are bridges and not walls, wherever there is potential to sit down and talk, the Church grows," he said recalling that the mission of the Church is, among other things, to ensure that "every people achieve the greatest possible unity with the rest of the nations."
"It is not strange to us that Pope Francis had tried, as indeed was, that these two very nearby peoples to join again and I think he will continue," said the prelate.


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