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The state oil company of Russia, Zarubezhnetf, and the company Unión Cuba-Petróleo executed a cooperation project to recover oil wells on the island, state television reported on Sunday.
The wells in recovery have depths in the order of 1,800 meters and stimulation methods to incorporate them back into production of crude oil have been applied, according to the television report.
The deposit in which specialists of the Russian company and Cuba work is located in the area of Boca de Jaruco, in the province of Mayabeque.
Russian experts say that this process is primarily based on the injection of water, steam and other methods of stimulation, without affecting the earth structure, in order to maintain deposit pressure and displace hydrocarbons to the well.
Also they emphasize that the effectiveness of these procedures has been tested in Russia, where it has been shown that the production of oil wells increased two or three times.


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