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The first official visit of a yacht to Cuba, backed by US law, was conducted last week by the American freight operator Paul Madden.
The trip back and forth lasted four days and transported 12 passengers and  three crew from Key West to Havana and Matanzas then.
When Madden knew the announcement, last December, on the restoration of diplomatic relations between his country and Cuba, he decided to apply for a permit to expand the scope of his business.
The shipping entrepreneur told the Miami newspaper, New Times, that many people had expressed their interest in travel to Cuba. "People from Michigan, Texas and Florida. Everyone wants to see Cuba," Madden said.
The group of tourists who arrived last week to the island, carried "people-to-people" visas, designed to travel for educational purposes. The itinerary was designed by the travel services provider Academic Arrangement Abroad, and included meetings with artists, an informative economic and political session and a historical sites tour.


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