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Just after US President Barack Obama relaxed the restrictions on travel just over seven months ago, about 88,900 Americans have arrived in Cuba. This represents a 54% increase over last year, a figure that could rise in December.
Experts predict that by the end of 2015, the arrival of American visitors could increase by 70%, the Spanish agency EFE announced, as there are high chances that the ferries begin operating in September.
In addition, the Appropriations Committee of the US Senate recently approved the lifting of the ban on travel to Cuba; this initiative has the bipartisan support needed to become a reality for the rest of the year.
To take full advantage of this situation, the Gaviota State hotel group with the French chain Bouygues, announced the construction of three modern hotels in the historic center of Havana, with the aim of positioning the capital of Cuba as a more attractive Caribbean tourist destination. 
So far, Companies Havana Ferry Partners, Baja Ferries, United Caribbean Lines, Airline Brokers Co., International Port Corp, America Cruise Ferries from Puerto Rico and Balearia from Spain have US licenses to operate in Cuba.


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