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The International Center of Photography, opens on Saturday, August 15, the ambitious retrospective shown “Cuba, Cuba! 65 Years of Photography” in Southampton Arts Center, an exhibition space where are numerous pictures along with posters, publications, and various documents related to the image of the island.
The exhibition includes more than one hundred works made in black and white and spanning between the fifties and the present, marked by the resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States.
In “Cuba, Cuba! 65 Years of Photography” works by 30 Cuban photographers, among which are Alberto Korda, Raul Corrales, Ivan Canas, José Manuel Fors, and Marucha (Maria Eugenia Haya) are included. The exhibition also aims to indirectly show a much bigger picture that goes beyond the well-known time Korda became one of the ten best portraitists of all time with his famous photo of Ernesto Che Guevara in 1960, which is perhaps the most played instant in the history of photography worldwide.


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