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The city historian and Cuban intellectual Eusebio Leal said in an interview with EFE that Cuba has never had an "anti-American sentiment, but an anti-imperialist sentiment."
"Cuba has always understood this subtlety. Many things unite us in history and in culture," said Leal, a kind of mayor of Havana and the main driver of the restoration of Old Havana, the historic center of the City, which is one of the main tourist attractions of the island.
"We, the victims, because the embargo remains intact yet, were the first to go there to raise our flag," said Leal, who is committed to a relationship between both countries based on "respect and always equally".
With embassies opened, and after US Secretary of State John Kerry preside flag-raising ceremony on August 14 in Havana, the way for the second phase of the normalization of relations between both countries will begin.


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