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Despite the resumption of diplomatic relations and other steps of the "thaw" that have opened in Cuba limited opportunities to US companies in the areas of travel, telecommunications, tourism and financial, these opportunities will not expand until Congress does not remove the embargo, which does not seem feasible in the next two or three years, the corporate risk expert Daniel Sachs estimated in Forbes magazine.
Sachs, principal consultant of Control Risks global company (which helps to face political risks, integrity and security) believes, however, that the President Obama measures regarding Cuba have elicited unstoppable momentum to the gradual elimination of US restrictions. This impulse, in the longer term, it might, predicts the author, repeal the Helms-Burton Act, which condensed as a single legislation in 1996 most of the sanctions on the Castro regime.
Daniel Sachs concludes that anyone who aspires to invest in Cuba should start by seeking help from those who know well the complexities and difficulties of the business environment of the island, which he predicts, will remain the same no matter what rate are dismantled
US restrictions.


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