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Six years ago the singer Olga Tanon made a decision that earned her admirers and detractors. The artist, who lives in Florida, boarded a plane to Havana, Cuba, to be part of the concert Paz sin Fronteras (Peace without Borders), organized by Colombian singer Juanes.
The massive event, which was attended by 1.2 million people was held at the Revolution Square where 15 artists of different nationalities, joined their voices to bring a message of peace.
Since that visit, Olga dreamed of returning to the neighboring island. The restoration of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba gave her the chance, this time calmly and quietly, to meet with people she bet six years ago.
"When I finished the concert Paz sin Fronteras I promised to return to Cuba and I plan to return to do a big concert. We do not know when, but we will do. I want to do a massive concert, but again free for the people. I feel that Cuba now needs to receive not to give and I want to thank the people for all the love."


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