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Google has long been for many Cubans just a browser and e-mail messaging service under the Gmail name. However, the arrival on the island of smartphones with Android operating system has made it possible to see that the American giant is far beyond. Now is the instant communication platform Hangouts which is captivating Internet user on the island.
According to the official website of Google, Cuba, like North Korea and Iran, is on the list of countries where "function to make calls from Gmail and Hangouts is not available". However, since the new Wi-Fi spots are installed in 35 areas around the country, Cuban users can establish a conversation through this application.
The only difficulty using the service from the new navigation points on the web lies in the bandwidth. "You have to come early or stay up very late, because the day is crowded and it is difficult at times," says a boy that this year will end the high school and says he wants to study "something that has to do with the computers."


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