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For many years, the dean of the School District of Law, Columbia University has been fascinated by the regime of Cuba, its politics, its culture and the historic confrontation with the United States. So when the academic had the opportunity to form a partnership with the University of Havana, Shelley Broderick, did not think twice, The Washington Post reports.
The new relationship between the University of Havana and Columbia is just one of several exchanges that are exploring or establishing universities in the United States and Cuba.
The initiative, coordinated jointly by Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania, will allow students to take classes at the University of Havana, as well as direct access to the Casa de Las Americas, the University of Columbia announced, in a press release on its website.
Consortium for Advanced Studies in Cuba (CASA Cuba), the University of Havana and Casa de Las Americas prepared a program that will educate students about the key issues that Cuba faces in the field of economics, politics and art, in courses taught by experts in Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.


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