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US former diplomat Wayne Smith is preparing to shut down in the coming months a personal and political cycle of over 54 years, from the bitter January 3, 1961 when he helped closing the US embassy in Cuba.
At 83 years old, Smith is a privileged half a century witness of the turbulent history between the US and Cuba because, besides helping to close the embassy in Havana in 1961, in 1979 he was appointed head of the US Interests Section, a position that under normal conditions would be equivalent to ambassador to Cuba.
"We have followed this policy, year after year, Holy God!, which did not isolate Cuba, but we isolated us," Smith said at his cluttered desk of papers in Washington during an interview with AFP. "Every year the UN condemns the embargo, is ridiculous! It was a relief that Obama began to change that policy," he added, emphasizing the phrase with broad gestures.


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