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The US president, Barack Obama, confirmed yesterday that his government has agreed to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, broken in 1961, and opening embassies in the respective capitals this month. 
"This is a historic step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with the Government and people of Cuba ," Obama said in a press statement from the Rose Garden of the White House.
The president did not specify a date for the opening of embassies, although the Cuban government has already confirmed that the mission of Cuba in Washington will open on July 20.
However, he announced that the Secretary of State, John Kerry, will travel to Cuba "this summer" to hoist the American flag on the American new embassy in Havana. 
"Our countries are separated by only 90 miles (145 kilometers), and there are deep bonds of friendship and family between our peoples," said Obama.
The president spoke of his decision to change US policy toward Cuba, announced on December 17, saying that "when something does not work, we can change it, and we will change it. This is the face of change," the president noted.


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