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Sprint has become the first communications company affordable for customers to connect with friends and family in Cuba. For $ 10 a month, customers can add Sprint Cuba Plus to their domestic tariff plan and get 20 minutes of calls to Cuba.
"Affordable international calls are an important feature for our customers," said Tom Roberts, Sprint vice president of marketing.  "Sprint is the first national carrier to offer an affordable calling option for Cuba . We continue to expand our international offerings for customers traveling abroad or calling or texting from United States and Cuba is a priority."
On the other hand, T-Mobile announced that its subsidiary Metro PCS now includes Cuba on its international service.  And it offers its clients 20 minutes calls to landline phones or mobile devices in Cuba and unlimited text messages to Cuba from the United States at no additional cost.
From the United States, Calling Mundial  includes unlimited calls to landline phones in over 75 countries, unlimited text messages of mobile phones to most of the countries around the world and 200 minutes to mobiles in some countries.


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