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According to the Organización Caribeña del Turismo (Caribbean Tourism Organization) in its 2014 annual report, Cuba was the second tourist destination in the Caribbean, only surpassed by the Dominican Republic. The net visitors corresponding to the two Caribbean countries were 3 001.958 and 5 141.377, respectively.
As recorded by the aforementioned Caribbean Organization in its latest report on May 29 this year, Cuba not only continues to occupy the second position, but the gap between the two preferred Caribbean countries is shorter, as Cuba received from January to March 1 135 610 visitors compared to the 1,499,402 of the Dominican Republic.
Everything seems aligned for Cuba to become, since last December, the new center of interest and a must-see. Proof of this is the recurrent news of airlines increasing flights frequency to the island (American, Canadian, German, Mexican, Polish...), other than reopen old airlifts (Spanish), or starting new routes (China). In addition, leaders, government representatives, investors and numerous companies from around the world have walked around the island, as they do not want to stop being at the forefront of business operation and opportunities with Cuba, including the new horizons of luxury tourism  that seem clear.


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