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Converting the existing low-speed switched services in broadband during 2015 and 2016, and reach by 2020 at least 50% of households (1 942 950) with broadband access to the Internet, are two of the most striking  goals the Ministry of Communications plans to make, as part of a "National Strategy for the development of broadband infrastructure in Cuba".
So it is contained in an executive summary of these plans which was leaked this June 8 by the blog La Chiringa de Cuba.  The document outlines in practical deeds the political will declared by the authorities to extend Internet access in Cuba that only reaches 25 percent, 7 percent of penetration.
The option to deploy this year WiFi networks and start offering the service of mobile broadband access to the Internet over 3G network for domestic users is confirmed through this way.
In these plans it is announced that in 2018 it is expected to reach 100% connectivity in Communist Party entities and government organs at all levels and in banking institutions and Post companies.  In 2020 the quality connection should reach to 80% of business entities (state or not), 95% of educational and health centers.
For then, the access to broadband network at 256 Kbit/s must not cost more than 5% of the average monthly wage of the Cuban population.


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