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Words of Li Tao, deputy general manager of the Office of Policy and Regulations of the Cyberspace Management in China, during the International Conference "New scenarios of political communication in the digital environment":
This three-day meeting in Cuba has been favorable to discuss the development of the Internet and the new challenges that we face.  During these days we have talked, thought, have understand the issues that call us all, and we have move forward together.  
We want to continue to support the idea that no matter how big or small the country is it must continue looking for a free Internet without hegemony. We must continue to seek security and peace; we cannot forget safety on the road to development.
Latin American countries want to develop the Internet, but it is needed to fight against subversion, intervention of other countries.  In China we have a saying which states that hair does not grow without skin. We must safeguard our country and our culture. It is necessary to unite to  face the new challenges, protecting through joint actions the security of our networks, security of our countries.
This conference has taught us the strength Cuba has in Latin American countries.
China agrees to increase the agreements with Cuba and other countries to jointly work towards our profits.
Finally we applaud and thank Cuba by all the efforts to promote this conference, and thank all the experts who participated.



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