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We live in a society of disinformation, said today in this capital Abel Prieto, advisor to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, at the closing of the International Conference New Scenarios of political communication in the digital realm.
The information society, although it has more media, is the most uninformed of all time, but a small vanguard, said the Cuban intellectual.
The entertainment has polluted the information industry, said Prieto, who stressed the importance of this international conference and the transcendental discussions and exchanges about the issues of ICT.  
The world is experiencing one of the most devastating crises of culture, with an industry that mixes it all, with or without value, a whirlwind, there is no hierarchy between the frivolous and profound or classical culture, he added.
Prieto said that ICT reflect the main problems and contradictions of the present real world, the concentration of power in the hands of multinationals, increasing of abysmal inequality between rich and poor, the privatization of knowledge, the imperial vision of culture and militaristic look that sees the web as a militarized space.



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