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We will continue working with people of good will in the US for the Congress to eliminate the embargo against Cuba and normalize relations, said Rev. Jim Winkler, Chairman of the National Council of Churches of that country (NCC). It will take time and hard work, but we will make our voice to be heard. Removing the embargo is the right thing, he said in an interview with the Cuban press that recently traveled to Washington for the third round of talks between Cuba and the US.
Winkler, who has traveled to Cuba several times, confessed to be among those surprised with the announcements on December 17, "... we have long worked for the normalization of relations between the US and Cuba, but we do not anticipate this  news ...” He added he did not think the Obama administration to have the political courage to make that decision.
It is a big step forward for the President and the country to publicly recognize that the policy has failed;  the American people have been welcoming this decision, he said.
Some disagree, but most Americans support the shift towards Cuba, including most of the churches belonging to NCC, an organization founded in 1950 and which brings together 45 million people in over 100 thousand congregations in local communities across the US.


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