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A clause prohibiting the use of US public funds in connection with exports to the Cuban military class was approved on Wednesday by the House of Representatives, as part of the budget for 2016 for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, the Office of Science and other Related Agencies (CJS).
Section 540 of the draft, seated on record as HR-2578, expressly prohibits the use of funds to facilitate, permit, license or promote exports to Cuba's armed forces, their intelligence services and their immediate relatives, from parents, spouses  and children to uncles and nephews. 
The Cuban-American Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), a member of the Appropriations Committee of the Lower House, expressed his strong support for the plan, approved by 242 votes in favor and 183 against, especially the provision prohibiting exports to  Cuban military.
"Exports delivered to the Cuban military will do nothing to benefit the Cuban people (...), but they can only fund directly the oppressive arm of the Castro dictatorship. The short and reasonable provision in the CJS does not prohibit exports to Cuba, just ensures that US exports cannot be controlled by the military and the Cuban intelligence service", the congressman said.


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