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Cuba's government has adopted new measures to strengthen private cooperatives that have emerged on the island after the reforms of President Raul Castro, but it does not intend to boost the creation of these forms of non-state-management, official media reported on Monday.
"(Non-state) cooperatives are experimental and although we are moving forward their application, we do not have to accelerate the pace, we have to take the rhythm of the events", said Raul Castro at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers held on  Friday and reported on Monday. 
To improve the operation of this form of management, the Government will extend to one year the maximum time to hire employees (three months currently), but it may not exceed ten percent of the number of members of the cooperative.
88 percent of the new cooperatives are concentrated in the sectors of trade, food and technical and personal services (59%), construction (19%) and industry (10%).
The government of Raul Castro admits there are negative aspects that have burdened the operation of this pilot scheme of private cooperatives as bureaucracy to constitute them, access to supplies and the upward trend of prices for products and services.


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