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Today May 29 marks the 45 days that President Barack Obama announced, last April 14, his decision to remove Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. Since the Congress has not blocked it; it is only a matter of hours that  Cuba to be officially excluded from the blacklist.
One or two days after the communication, when published in the Federal Register, the removal of the Caribbean island will be effective after thirty-three years of being considered a nation that promoted terrorism and housed some of its actors.
To Cuba , stopping being part  of  the heavy list  supposes the  lifting of  burdensome restrictions and penalties, among which is the possibility of selling weapons, receiving financial aid and financial transactions.
Once fulfilled the main condition of the Cuban government to the White House, the full restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, with the subsequent reopening of the embassies and their services would be at a few steps. Several media have referred to the intentions of the US president to visit Cuba , so that these new steps in negotiations and bilateral agreements can be prior to the official visit of US President.


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