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Tom Udall, US senator for New Mexico, said on Wednesday at a press conference that the steps towards diplomatic relations, which began with the historic announcement on December 17, are almost completed and he defended the end of the embargo applied by the United States to Cuba for over half a century.
Udall came to our nation on May 23 with a delegation of Democratic senators, also made up by Al Franken, Senator for Minnesota, and Raul M. Grijalva and John Larson, representatives of Arizona and Connecticut, respectively.
According to Udall, there is a majority in the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate - key panel in this process- which favors the elimination of the US blockade against Cuba and admits that since the announcement of Raul Castro and Barack Obama "notable facts and events " have occurred between Cuba and the US, a "key moment in history", although "there is a lot of work to do.”
They also emphasized the need to establish the links to the involvement of telecommunications companies in Cuba , expansion of ecotourism and conservation of marine systems.
The members of the Capitol also held talks with officials of the Ministries of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, as well as with various sectors of Cuban society, including members of cooperatives and self-employed.



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