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Jesus Posada, president of the Spanish Congress, intends to visit  Cuba next September with MPs from other parliamentary groups. 
In the corridors of the Chamber, Posada  confirmed  the travel plan that  he considered "timely and appropriate" in current times of opening on the island for closer  relations between the governments and peoples of both countries.
Posada met on Thursday in the Congress of Deputies with Eugenio  Martinez, Ambassador of Cuba  in  Spain, to discuss several issues, including the visit  of the parliamentary delegation  to the island, originally scheduled for the first days of September.
The trip  is the result of  an invitation from Esteban Lazo, president of  Cuba's National Assembly (unicameral  parliament).
Although the plan is not closed, the delegation, composed of officers and some spokespersons of the groups, does not intend to meet with Cuban dissidents.


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