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Alex Castro, son of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, will direct photographic workshops with the artist Ramses Batista for small groups of Americans travelling to the island willing to spend the money visiting and capturing images in corners of Havana normally reserved for Cubans and beyond the tourist curtain, as stated in the advertising note.
The American photographer and explorer Jock McDonald and artist Stuart Schwartz are part of the new business of Alex Castro.
The photography workshop starts on a direct flight Miami -Havana. Then, students stay at Central Park five stars hotel, where they are welcomed by the Cuban tutors Alex Castro and Ramses Batista.
The course program has sessions in Old Havana, the seawall promenade, a tour on ancient American cars, dinner at Tropicana Cabaret, watching a rehearsal of the National Ballet of Cuba, another one of an Afro-Cuban dance group, a visit to El Gato Tuerto nightclub, photo sessions with elderly people, boxing kids and rickshaw repairers, among others.
According to some acute observers of the Cuban future, it seems that the system is delivered, through the sons of the nomenclature, to the practice of a revolutionary unbridled capitalism.

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