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Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino visited the state of New York to receive a Honoris Causa degree granted by Fordham Jesuit University , on Saturday May 16. The day before the ceremony, the Cuban prelate was interviewed by journalist Charles Rose, in his TV show.
Ortega y Alamino referred to the intervention of Pope Francis in the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States; the possibility of lifting the embargo and the role of Francis in the process of dialogue between Havana and Washington. He said the Pope is interested in creating a new relationship between the countries, to have a way to solve problems through words. 
There were previous contacts that created the conditions for dialogue between Obama and the Pope about Cuba. Pope Francis told Ortega that when he met Obama he mentioned the Cuban issue and the US president explained the situation with Congress, the laws (of the embargo) that were adopted before Obama was born.
Then the Pope told Obama it was time to change and to think about the role of Cuba in Latin America. The policy of his government (and governments coming later ) over Latin America pass through relations with Cuba . And Obama, says the Cuban Cardinal, was impressed by that vision.




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