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  • Submitted by: Juana
  • 05 / 13 / 2015

It is neither new nor unknown to anyone that Cuban athletes, especially baseball players, are successful when they decide to continue his career outside the island in professional competitions. Nor is it a secret that the abysmal differences between the contracts signed abroad and living conditions they have in Cuba favor the wishes of emigration.
The National Director of Baseball, Heriberto Suarez Pereda, spoke about this situation of Cuban baseball with Cubadebate. He commented on the damage caused by what he describes as “illegal emigration” of players. "In recent times there have been 58 of these eventualities, in which 15 players were considered talents or they were included on the payroll of the national pre-selection", which results in direct damage on the projects, strategies and consolidation of teams .
For the Cuban sport this means a loss of its top talent and a constant reinvention of new projects and could find relief – according to Heriberto- in the possibility of contracting athletes.


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